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Calming Shower Steamer

Calming Shower Steamer

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This beautiful essential oil blend works to relax and ease tension, relieving anxiety to create a calm and relaxed feeling.

Containing the following essential oils.


Calming Shower Steamer with Essential Oils: Wintergreen, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Camomile Heads.

This Aromatherapy Shower Steamer with wintergreen, frankincense and cedar wood essential oils,  has a soothing, calming effect. Its scent will help you relax, relieve symptoms of stress and uplift your spirit. Product also soothes respiratory problems.

dried chamomile heads are added to this steamer. Vegan friendly.



  1.  Place a shower steamer in the shower tray, ensuring that it’s not in the direct flow of water.
  2.  As you shower, water will splash on to the shower steamer, which will then begin to fizz.
  3.  When the shower steamer fizzes it will release essential oils, which will mix with the steam and envelop you.
  4.  While you inhale the therapeutic vapour it will then go to work on your senses.




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