About Me

Welcome to The Velvet Company

A collection of beautiful candles, room scents, bath and skin products made in a simple yet elegant English style, made in Northamptonshire

 After spending years paying a fortune for luxury products, trying out lots of different brands (to my husbands frustration!) I took an incredibly difficult decision to leave my full time job and start my own business.

Following the loss of my mum to cancer and having being a survivor myself less than 3 years later I wanted to create  brand I was proud of with handmade products that anyone could relax to and take timeout for themselves, which let's face it we never do especially when faced with difficult decisions, when was the last time you relaxed in a hot bath with some hydrating bath salts and a relaxing candle?..

Passionate about sourcing my products from UK businesses and ensuring all my products were sustainable, animal friendly! and simply luxurious!! I embanked on a journey with my husband, son, completely mad Boxer (Ellie whom I love to death) and amazing friends supporting me putting together a collection of beautiful English scents!  I appreciated and still do appreciate all their support and honest comments on my new ideas!!! (thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you all know who you are!!! even Ellie the dog rolls her eyes at some of my ideas!!!)

I hope you love my collections as much as I love making them for each and everyone of you. Thank you for supporting a small business!

For those of you who wondered, or are just owners of these beautiful, gorgeous bouncy animals, this is Ellie after I had talked her through the 10th round of my latest ideas!! #neverleavesmyside

Thank you

Emma & Ellie