Good Morning World


New for January 2021

Start your day right with this clean, fresh combination of citrusy orange and bergamot, shaded with sage and osmanthus and polished with patchouli, olibanum and vanilla. An uplifting scent designed to lift your mood and brighten your day. 

Top Notes: Orange, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Sage, Osmanthus, Leafy Greens, Chamomile

Base Notes: Patchouli, Olibanum, Vanilla

All our candles are hand poured by myself in Northamptonshire, using a blend of  natural coconut wax. Each candle comes in its own gift box.

To ensure you achieve the best experience from your candle, please follow the tips below.

To prevent fire or injury, never leave a burning candle unattended. 
Keep out of reach of children or pets. 
Always burn on an even surface and away from items which could catch fire. 
Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm and always remove any wick debris before lighting. 
Always burn for at least one hour to ensure the burn pool reaches the full diameter of the glass. This will prevent tunneling and avoid wasted wax near the edge of the glass


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